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All American Horse Hauling & Boarding LLC

Safe and Reliable Boarding Transportation for Horses

Contact All American Horse Hauling & Boarding LLC to transport or board your horses


Boarding Services We Offer 

1. Full-Service Stall Board Boarding

2. Full-Service Paddock Boarding (We have 4 paddocks ranging from 5 to 7 acres each.)

  • We offer feed 2x a day and a midafternoon snack.
  • We fly spray and groom 2x a day more if needed.
  • We offer turnout from their stall at 6:30 AM and bring in at 6:30 PM for stall boarding.
  • We offer quality hay while in the stall.
  • Paddock boarders get hay in the winter months if needed.
  • We offer blankets at night if it's cold out. At owner’s request, we supply the blankets.
  • We will feed the horses supplements if the owner supplies.
  • We offer automatic water feeders in each paddock along with fly blocks to keep fly population to a minimum. We also offer mineral blocks in each paddock.
  • We have trails on the property if the owner would like to ride their horse between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
  • We offer hauling of your horse or horses to shows, or wherever you need to take your horse for a fee.

Hauling Services We Offer

Horse Hauling in Our 2-in-1 Trailer

      • We can haul mother and foal or foals in our box stall. We offer quality hay while transporting as well as water and shavings.
      • We take pictures at pickup and midway to keep you informed throughout our transport.

Our Hauling Services